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Consortium Services

Consortium Services in Tampa Metro Area

A group of companies and their drivers is known as a consortium. The testing that is required for eligibility and/or continued eligibility for Department of Transportation (DOT) employees is conducted via random selection of drivers from the consortium.

Why Join A Consortium?

Any company which employs fewer than eight drivers is required to be enrolled in a consortium. Companies with eight or more drivers may choose to enroll in a consortium or maintain their own group, commonly known as a “stand-alone” pool.

National Pool

Consortium testing is necessary because it guarantees compliance with all DOT and federal requirements outlining random testing as well as regulating and expediting the DOT drug and alcohol testing processes. It allows you to focus on business matters while the professional staff here at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area oversees the logistics of the testing process.

If you employ only a few individuals to cover safety-sensitive positions, DOT compliance with all testing regulations can be easily met by joining a national consortium.

Stand-Alone Pool

A company that employs a large number of employees that must meet DOT regulations and testing requirements works best in a “stand-alone pool” capacity.

Streamlining the DOT Drug Testing Process

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area can save time and make certain that all testing is performed accurately and efficiently. We can help you remain in full compliance with DOT and federal regulations.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area provides comprehensive drug & alcohol testing in order to allow you to focus on business matters without the worry over whether or not proper testing is being conducted. We are a professional organization with 25+ years of experience in sensitive matters such as accurate and up-to-date testing policies and procedures.

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Why ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area for DOT Drug Testing?

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area works with all sizes of DOT-regulated businesses and organizations from small and locally owned and operated to larger corporations, wherever there is need for simple, accurate, affordable testing which meets all federal guidelines for DOT testing. We can also assist with creating a consortium for smaller DOT clients. As part of testing services offered through ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, clients receive:

  • Clear and concise explanation of all procedures involved with testing as well as the policies that require them
  • Pre-employment DOT screening in compliance with all federal and DOT requirements
  • Guaranteed compliance with all DOT and federal requirements for random testing
  • Random DOT testing as required
  • DOT Supervisor training when and where needed

Let ARCpoint Labs serve as your expert partner in DOT consortium services.

Let ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area handle all of your testing needs in DOT consortium services. We pride ourselves on reliable, accurate, confidential testing.