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Standalone Pool

DOT Testing: Consortium or Stand-Alone Pool?

Businesses that fall under the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing guidelines must meet all the agency’s requirements. One of these guidelines states whether a company may or may not use a stand-alone drug screening pool. If you are unsure which pool is best suited for your business, ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area can help.

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DOT Stand-Alone Pool

With a stand-alone testing pool, the employees of one company make up the random drug testing pool. The stand-alone pool is most effective for larger companies. DOT regulations require a larger number of employees in order to provide a true random testing pool.

DOT Consortium National Pool

A consortium national pool consists of several companies pooling their employees collectively for random drug testing. Companies with only one employee under DOT regulation are required to use a consortium national pool for a random drug and alcohol screening. However, companies with between two to eight employees can benefit greatly from the use of a larger screening pool.

We have experience working with both types of drug testing pools and will be happy to assist you.

At ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, our staff is experienced in the use of both stand-alone and national consortium pools. Our knowledgeable team can give you the confidential and accurate testing you need to keep your company in compliance.