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Alcohol Screening

Reliable DOT Alcohol Screening

  • Consistently performing reliable DOT Alcohol Screenings
  • ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area maintains valuable participation in DOT alcohol screening. This allows our seasoned employees to perform DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing for organizations of any stature. Our experience caters to proficient screening for our DOT-regulated businesses.
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Alcohol Testing Requirements

  • Our efforts excel in meeting requirements and needs that are completely compliant with DOT regulations. We make it our goal to engage organizations in remaining updated on the DOT’s alcohol testing policies.
  • The staff here at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is fully aware of all standards for alcohol screening including who can conduct testing and the efforts put into training our employees.
  • Keeping clients up-to-date with the appropriate documents to have on hand while attending the screening is one of our main goals.
  • Our staff undergoes an extensive learning process about what devices are used in testing along with the importance of how specimens, forms, and results are handled.


Breath Alcohol Testing

  • Trained Breath Alcohol Technicians (B.A.T.’s) and Screening Test Technicians (S.T.T.’s) perform all breath alcohol testing while providing mobile as well as on-site alcohol screening which includes testing for nearly all circumstances fitting to our clients needs.
  • Our trustworthy B.A.T.’s and S.T.T.’s provide professional and compliant collections services.
Lab technicians in a lab with one holding test tubes filled with various colored fluids.
Female patient receiving saliva testing.


Saliva Alcohol Testing

We maintain accurate and speedy results when it comes to any of our testing procedures. Our technicians avoid invasive collection operations for determining alcohol and recreational drug levels. Our dedicated collection specialists are trained in properly conducting saliva alcohol tests that provide you with legal and satisfactory results.

To learn more about DOT alcohol screenings at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.