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Return to Duty Testing

Return to Duty Testing and Follow Up

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a strict return-to-duty process in place for employees who have tested positive for drug or alcohol use. This process is typically lengthy, and an employee who has been removed from duty due to a violation must successfully complete the entire process. This process is required if the employee is returning to their current job or if they will be employed by a different DOT employer.

Return-to-duty and follow up testing requires that the employee’s urine specimen be collected under “direct observation” procedures. These procedures are more invasive than those used in a routine drug test. Direct observation requires that there be a same-gender witness during the urine collection.

Employees are also asked to raise their shirt above the waist, lower their clothing, and turn around in front of the observer while exposing their genitals. This process ensures that the employee is not wearing a prosthetic device to cheat on the test. Due to the personal nature of this test, it should be handled by a professional lab.

Male bus driver giving a thumbs up.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is trained to oversee these sensitive tests. We provide accurate, reliable, and confidential testing.

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