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DOT Physicals

Required DOT Physical Examinations

In compliance with the DOT requirements, a DOT physical examination must be administered by a licensed medical examiner.

When seeking employment as a DOT commercial transportation driver, a complete physical examination must be completed by a licensed medical examiner. This is done to meet all DOT and federal regulations to ensure that potential drivers are in good health and able to meet all safety requirements.

A DOT physical exam can remain valid for up to 2 years. In some instances, a medical examiner will issue a certificate for a shorter period of time in the event that a medical condition exists which may need to be monitored or treated before full compliance can be met (ex. high blood pressure).

Once deemed fit to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), the medical examiner will issue a copy of your DOT physical examination results as well as a certificate indicating that you have passed the examination and meet DOT requirements.

Nationally-Registered Examinations

All physical examiners who conduct physical exams must meet the Department of Transportation’s regulations and be be properly certified, trained, and registered to conduct such testing.

What Do DOT Physicals Consist Of?

Per federal law, all commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to undergo and successfully pass a physical examination at regular intervals. These exams are strictly regulated and assess the physical, emotional, and psychological fitness of anyone seeking employment as a DOT commercial transportation driver. All DOT medical examiners are fully-trained to understand and determine fitness per all federal regulations related to DOT physicals and potential employees.

By undergoing regular DOT physical examinations, drivers are kept in full compliance with all federal laws. We can help ensure that any driver who may be unfit to operate a commercial transportation vehicle is removed, thereby preventing potential accidents.

We Can Meet All Of Your DOT Exam Needs

Anyone seeking a DOT physical examination may make arrangements by contacting ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area. In most instances, the physical exam can be conducted at the same time and place as other required DOT testing including drug or alcohol testing.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area provides comprehensive and up-to-date testing using the latest forms and paperwork as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Your total compliance with all DOT regulations is fully ensured.

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