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Alcohol Testing Requirements

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Alcohol Testing Requirements for DOT

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires employers to conduct alcohol screening tests on employees occupying “safety-sensitive” roles. These alcohol screenings must take place as part of the pre-employment process, through random screening post-hire, post-accident or if reasonable suspicion exists.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is trained to facilitate these alcohol screening tests and can help ensure that your company is complying with all regulations set forth by the DOT.

DOT Alcohol Screening Compliance

DOT Rule 49, CRF Part 40 outlines the requirements for alcohol testing as follows:

  • Only Screening Test Technicians or Breath Alcohol Technicians are allowed to conduct DOT alcohol screening tests.
  • Only certain equipment may be used to conduct DOT alcohol screening and confirmation tests.
  • Alcohol screening tests must be recorded using specialized DOT forms.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is familiar with DOT rules and regulations. We will work with your company to ensure you are meeting all guidelines set forth by the DOT for alcohol screening.

DOT Alcohol Screening Certification

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area employs certified Screening Test Technicians and Breath Alcohol Technicians who are trained to carry out DOT alcohol screening tests.

Our labs have been appointed as a full-service Third Party Provider under the National Laboratory Certification Program. This allows any organization that needs to conduct DOT alcohol screening to accurately test their employees through our reliable labs.

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