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Oral Fluids

Benefits of Instant Oral Fluid Testing

Substance testing isn’t always about long-term usage. If you only need to reveal usage within the past one to two days, oral fluid testing (saliva testing) can offer the perfect solution, and it’s commonly used in determining if a test subject has been drinking alcohol.

While not the right choice if you need historical usage results, oral fluids can prove to be an easy solution to determine if a subject has been drinking recently. This is commonly applied in emergency situations such as drinking-related motor vehicle accidents.

Testing equipment.

How Sample is Obtained

  • A pad is placed between the lower cheek and gums.
  • Once saturated with saliva, the pad is tested.

Reliability in Lab Based Testing

We pride ourselves in the provision of reliable results every time. Oral fluids testing has proven to be consistent and reliable, and our organization has a tried and tested chain of command you can count on.

Instant Results With Oral Fluid Testing

Whether negative or non-negative, we provide results within minutes. If you feel a non-negative result was made in error, we’ll apply further testing for your peace-of-mind.

Mobile Team for Post-Accident Testing

If you need fast service, ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area can expediently deploy our mobile team on-site. This can prove convenient in the case of an accident. We can be there quickly and tell you within minutes whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved. You can call ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area today for an oral fluid test.

Alternate Alcohol Testing Options

Regardless of your circumstances, there are many reasons why you may need to know if someone has been using drugs or alcohol. While automobile and workplace accidents are common ones, you may need to know more about a person’s history of alcohol consumption. The ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area staff is here to listen to your needs, and we can match you up with the best possible solution.

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