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Sweat Patch

Sweat Patch Drug Monitoring

Round-the-clock drug monitoring can be achieved with sweat patch drug testing. It’s commonly used in the legal system where 24/7 monitoring is often necessary.  


Sweat Patch Testing Facts

  • They are not impacted by passive use. Therefore, positive sweat patch results cannot be attributed to the user being around others using drugs.  
  • They are not diluted when the subject drinks excessive fluids. Instead, patches absorb more sweat, thus increasing the concentration of drug metabolites.
  • Patches retain their stickiness integrity for around 7-10 days. However, over time, dead skin cells do becomes attached, and they are typically removed anywhere between seven and 14 days following application.

Sweat Patch Testing in Action

Once it’s applied by a technician at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, the sweat patch is worn around the clock by the test subject for one to two weeks. Each test is assigned a tracking number.

Sweat patch tests are tamper-evident, so the user cannot take them off. If they try, they’ll find the patch cannot be reapplied.

While wearing the patch, any drugs used will show up through sweat collected at the time. There is no way to trick the system. The patch can detect:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • PCP
  • Opiates

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is here to remove the patch when the time comes, and we ensure it matches to the correct number to send off for testing. If another one is needed, we’ll apply it at that time for further 24/7 testing.

Results don’t take long to produce, and you can typically receive yours within just a few business days.

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Who Can Use Sweat Patches?

We all sweat, so anyone can use a sweat patch test. It’s most common application, however, is in the legal system for the observation of those with a drug history or on probation.

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