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Drug Policy Implementation

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Workplace Drug Policy Enforcement

Even the most effectively-written Drug Free Workplace Policy is useless if it’s not being used or properly implemented. Not only does this require that supervisors are trained on permitted, required, and prohibited practices, but it also means ensuring employees read and acknowledge the plan you have in place.

One such example that is often cause for confusion is the differences between random selection and reasonable suspicion policies. All too often, supervisors and other managers are not able to differentiate these two distinctively different practices and when and how each is used.

Outcomes Improve With Well-Trained Employees and Supervisors

Not only should supervisors be proficient in identifying suspicious behavior, but they must also be able to properly address and document them. Since these matters are delicate in nature, there are different approaches that should be reviewed to best ensure your managerial staff is able to address every issue with confidence. This can reduce dramatic incidents and increase positive outcomes.

You will invest a lot of time and money in the design and adoption of your workplace drug policy and training for employees and supervisors. You can ensure those resources aren’t wasted when you employ equal measures in proper enforcement.  Not to mention, you can avoid a variety of consequences such as fines, lost contracts, lost customers, unnecessary and preventable turnover, and civil and criminal liability.

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Keep Your Company Running Smoothly with ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area

The knowledgeable staff here at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is here to help you stay up-to-date on the drug-free policies and programs that will help your company run smoothly.