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Reasonable Suspicion Drug Screening

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Reasonable Suspicion

Of all the tools at your disposal as an employer, reasonable suspicion drug testing is one of the most valuable. This can offer substantial preventive benefits when a member of your management team or other trained employees observe suspicious behavior of another indicative of drug and/or alcohol use. In order to increase efficiency, it’s important to set in place a comprehensive training program to help you best achieve your goals in the preservation of a safe work environment.

When properly assessed, a report based on personal observation can help you prevent accidents and other negative side-effects of drug and alcohol use on the job. When you take the time to properly devise your reasonable suspicion drug testing policy, you and your team will be able to most accurately identify the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use. Here at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, we offer Reasonable Suspicion Training to ensure your staff knows exactly what to be on the lookout for.

Staying Within Legal Guidelines

The nature of reasonable suspicion testing is delicate, and it’s important that you stay within your state and local legal parameters. This starts with the development of a well-written policy which includes:

  • A clear definition of “reasonable suspicion,”
  • Reiteration that observable behaviors must exist
  • Specifications on what happens if testing is refused by an employee
  • Options to resolve false positive results such as a consultation with a medical review officer

If you’re ready to take proactive measures to protect your workforce, call ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area

Our staff understands the development of a solid drug and alcohol testing policy can be confusing, and that’s why we offer our expertise to ensure yours is all it can be. Best of all, we don’t leave you hanging once your policy is in place. You can also count on us to help train your staff on proper implementation as well as provide testing services whenever they’re needed. You can utilize the state-of-the-art tools we have in our lab, or we can bring them to your work site with our on-site and mobile services for your convenience.

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