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Clinical Services & Testing

Clinical Testing And Services Tailored For Your Industry Or Business

Whatever type of business you have, it’s only as good as your bottom line, and that’s reliant on the individuals who work for your business. ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is uniquely situated to help you monitor your employees’ health, and we can provide health screens and vaccinations for your general workforce.

Vaccinations and exposure testing targeted to your industry along with proper credentialing provided for healthcare and other related organizations help any business run smoothly. With our assistance, you can more effectively manage your workforce health. We have you covered.

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Health Panels And Lab Tests

From annual wellness screenings to pre-employment physicals and more, ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area has customized lab testing available. We offer hundreds of blood tests for wellness, preventive care, heart health, diabetes care, general health and more. Click the button below for more details.

Exposure Tests (Industry Specific)

In specific industries, the risk of exposure to certain toxic substances is a constant concern. Good management and regulatory oversight means you must keep a very close eye on the risk that may be encountered by your employees. ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area can assist. We offer a large variety of clinical urine and blood tests that can identify an exposure to substances that can be harmful to your employees.

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Credentialing, Vaccinations And Titer Testing

Health care workers, educators and other service providers are regularly exposed to pathogens and bacteria. Vaccinations and titer testing work together to trigger and measure immune responses. Both of these services are provided by ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area. Credentialing services are also provided so compliance with agencies and regulating bodies is ensured. This includes clinics, daycares, schools and more.

Our credentialing gives you the ability to provide services that are needed to the people who are counting on your assistance. For more information, contact ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area to plan your program today.

Our testing services are confidential, reliable and accurate. Contact us for more information.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.