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Personal Wellness Profile

Personal Wellness Profile™

What started out as a strategy by employers to reduce the ever-increasing cost of health care benefits, has increasingly become a coveted employee benefit in its own right. More and more employers, especially larger ones, have begun to offer their employees the opportunity to complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). An HRA is a questionnaire designed to gather information about your health and lifestyle that gives employers a tool to estimate and perhaps lower the cost of health care. But in the process of lowering the bottom line, they also created a wonderful combined opportunity to bring employees together to work toward healthier individual and team goals.

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ARCpoints Labs has developed our own comprehensive HRA and wellness development strategies and programs. We call it the Personal Wellness Profile™.When it comes to your health,, the more you know, the greater likelihood you will succeed in preventing problems and maintaining your health. Knowledge and a team of people supporting you and providing you with tools to motivate and achieve your health goals is a win-win for you and your employer. ARCpoint is in your corner helping you understand your body and ways to help it function healthier.

Our Personal Wellness Profile™ is a 14-page personalized report that gives a comprehensive picture of your health. It identifies the areas in which you are healthy, potential health risks and ways to improve your health. The report includes:

  • Overall wellness score
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental health
  • Safety practices
  • Weight-related risks
  • Heart health
  • Cancer risk
  • Diabetes score
  • Osteoporosis risk
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Included with ARCpoint’s Personal Wellness Profile is an online portal and lots of tools and articles designed with your personal health goals in mind. ARCpoint Labs Personal Wellness Profile can help you set achievable health goals, give you motivation to move forward, and tools and strategies to reach and maintain them. Ask your benefits coordinator about how to connect with ARCpoint Labs PWP today.

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