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Personal Wellness Profile

Personal Wellness Profile

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. Whether you’re taking the initiative to get healthy or your employer has requested that you get a Health Risk Assessment (Personal Wellness Profile©), let ARCpoint Labs help you understand your body and your potential health risks.

Our Health Risk Assessment (Personal Wellness Profile) is a 14-page personalized report that gives the status of your health. It identifies the areas in which you are healthy, potential health risks and ways to improve your health. The report includes:

  • Overall wellness score
  • Health age (versus chronological age)
  • Risk ratings for major health factors
  • Graphical comparison wellness scores
  • Recommendations for health improvement
  • Web links to additional information
  • Next steps (outlines leading health hazards based on age and gender, and lists available resources for making lifestyle changes.)
  • Medical follow-up report (summarizes health screening results for easy reference and prioritizes items to discuss with medical provider)
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Personal Wellness Profile© Measurements

Our Personal Wellness Profile© will measure your health based on several factors. It will specifically look at:

  • Overall wellness
  • Hearth Health
  • Cancer Risk
  • Diabetes score
  • Osteoporosis risk
  • Nutrition
  • Physical fittness
  • Mental Health
  • Safety practices
  • Weight-related risks

If Your Employer Requests You to Perform a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

It’s not uncommon for corporate organizations to request employees get a Health Risk Assessment (HRA – ARCpoint Labs’ version is known as a Personal Wellness Profile).

Completing a Health Risk Assessment (Personal Wellness Profile) is often the first step that is required for one to enroll/participate in a company’s medical benefits plan. The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) can help in your company securing better and more cost-effective health coverage and provide access to many wellness program benefits like screenings, programs, incentives and more.

Completing your HRA will NOT increase your rates. It could actually decrease what you or your employer pay for insurance coverage over time. Based on your Health Risk Assessment, your employer may offer programs to improve your health (such as weight loss or tobacco cessation, for examples) that could potentially decrease insurance costs as your health improves.

Additionally, the information you provide is protected under federal HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accessibility Act) laws. Information cannot be shared with anyone without your written consent, including employers and insurance companies. Your employer will receive a summary report of the Health Risk Assessment results from its total membership; information specific to an employee will not be included.

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