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Why Have a Wellness Program?

Why Have a Wellness Program?

If you’re looking for a healthy working environment for your employees and a culture that values health and happiness, then workplace wellness programs are just the thing for you.

Studies have shown over the past few years that, if followed correctly, wellness programs can impact an organization immensely and create a workforce like no other.

Vanderbilt University performed research for a time span of seven years, and it showed that a voluntary, incentive-focused wellness initiative greatly improved statistics gathered from the health risk department as well as overall employee health. Over 75 percent of health care costs are due to chronic conditions that can be prevented, and we want to help you with that!

Source: Seven-Year Trends in Employee Health Habits From a Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Program at Vanderbilt University, published in 2011 by American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine)

Benefits of Healthy Employees

There are dozens of benefits that employers (who have taken initiative in the workplace wellness programs) have noted, including:

  • Fewer days of employees calling in sick and an increased “presenteeism” attitude
  • Top talent attraction
  • A lower amount of costs that are teamed with high insurance rates to cover unhealthy workers.
  • Prevention of injuries and illnesses by recognizing previously undiscovered health risks
  • An overall health improvement including mental, emotional, and physical health in employees
  • A higher productivity rate by well-bodied workers
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Invest in Employee Health (ROI)

Implementing workplace wellness is more than taking a positive step toward helping your employees establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. It can lower your healthcare costs, too.

Many studies have been published over the past several years showing a significant impact on an employer’s return on investment (ROI) in terms of workplace wellness. A 2010 study in the Harvard Business Review stated that ROI for a well-run wellness program could result in return as high of as 6:1.

By implementing a wellness program, we can assist you in cutting costs by:

  • Decreasing absenteeism and increasing “presenteeism” (the tendency to stay at work beyond the necessary time or when one feels unhealthy) and productivity
  • Providing programs to employees to reduce certain preventable health risks that often drive up claims and coverage costs
  • Determining prevention steps and encouraging employees to get healthy
  • Educating your workforce about current healthcare trends and statistics, and building your wellness program around them

Financial Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program

ARCpoint Labs is a trusted wellness partner who can help you get your workplace healthier and in turn, save your business money. Our tools and approach have proven to be effective in providing measurable goals and overcoming the challenges in providing an effective workplace wellness program.

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