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DUI Defense

DUI Defense Breathalyzer and Alcohol Testing

If you specialize as a DUI defense attorney and need reliable testing, ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is equipped to provide court admissible, accurate testing with a nationwide network.

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The Flaws of Field Breathalyzer Testing

Breath alcohol testing, otherwise known as a breathalyzer, is the most common type of field test used in DUI arrests. This piece of equipment can be faulty and subject to human error. Additionally, there are several fundamental negative aspects of breathalyzer tests that add to errors in test results such as:

External Contaminants

The presence of external contaminants can affect the integrity of breathalyzer results. There are several agents that can cause these effects such as an improperly cleaned device leaving residual alcohol.

Inaccuracies of this type reinforce the importance of using a second form of alcohol content or BAC testing. ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area has the expertise to conduct proper alcohol, blood, urine and breath testing.

Elevated BAC Measurements

Breathalyzer tests measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) and can give an elevated measurement due to trapped alcohol in the suspect’s mouth or throat. The results of a breathalyzer test depend on the volume of air measured that comes from the driver’s lungs. Since the air from the mouth or esophagus can be measured, it may include traces of alcohol from burping or vomiting, and this can cause inaccurate results.

Chain of Custody and Accuracy in BAC Testing Guaranteed

We realize the importance of following the chain of custody guidelines. Our employees can strengthen your client’s case since they have experience in collection techniques.

Trained Blood Alcohol Technicians (BATs) conduct alcohol testing at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area. The technicians always use employ precautions against contamination including consistent monitoring and proper calibration of equipment used for testing.

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