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Court-Admissible DNA Testing

Dropper and test tubes filled with various colored liquids.

ARCpoint Labs Ensures Verifiable, Reliable & Admissible DNA Evidence

The tests that you have done for the court cannot be admissible if they aren’t performed in the proper way, and we will ensure that you are given all the help you need with your tests. We move quickly to ensure that each new test is done in the proper manner and will show you how simple it is to start a testing chain.

ARCPoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area will help you when you have tests that must be done, and we can come to you if necessary. Our staff moves quickly to help you when you have a test that must be done, and we do everything in accordance with the rules of the court..

You can learn more about how we can help in your unique situation by contacting ARCPoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area. A member of our staff will talk you through the process of ensuring that all your tests have been done in the proper manner.

Child Support Testing

We perform tests to discover the biological father in cases where child support must be paid to the mother or the child.

Immigration DNA Testing

Our staff can test to learn who is related to someone who has an immigration issue, and it ensures that you have the proper information to move forward.

Deceased DNA Matching

DNA samples that come from a deceased person will help ensure they may be identified as part of a criminal case.

Custody DNA Testing

Custody tests are needed when there is a question of paternity for a child who is in the midst of a case.

Forensics DNA Evidence

Forensic DNA tests may be done at any time, and we will find who has left DNA on the scene. Our attention to detail can ensure that we have information that makes the case for you, and we will keep the information secure.

Infidelity DNA Testing

DNA tests can be performed to offer hard evidence that someone has been unfaithful. It is simple to find samples on people who have been with other partners, providing you the answers you need.

Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing

DNA testing will prove who is related to whom in an estate case where the people involved are in question.

DNA Matching

We match DNA samples when you are in a program for DNA testing, and we will ensure proper administration no matter the situation. If you can’t make it to us, we can come to your location to complete the testing.

Semen Identification

Semen identification can provide life-changing answers, and we can test as many people as necessary for a single case.

Make Sure DNA Test Results Are Admissible in Court

The staff at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area understands that courts require accurate tests for evidence, and our staff ensures that the tests were done properly. You can rely on our chain of custody to rest assured the proper protocols were followed every step of the way.

Evidence that is used in court cases must be obtained in a manner that is admissible to the court. When you work with our staff, we take the time to understand your case, and we make confidentiality a high priority.

Lab technician holding test tube of blood.

Chain of Custody And DNA Requirements:

  • Photo IDs are copied for security purposes
  • Photos are taken of all parties
  • Consent is obtained from everyone involved whether an adult or minor
  • Specimen collection is performed by a highly-trained professional
  • Legal labels and packaging are used
  • Proper shipping, storage of records and transportation of records
  • Paperwork made available for every DNA test
  • DNA specimens processed by an American lab

ARCpoint Labs Chain of Custody and Testing Protocols Ensure that:

Every DNA sample is managed properly to ensure accurate, reliable results.

ARCPoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area adheres to all the strict rules that are legally required when completing your tests. You can count on our chain of custody and test security.


ARCPoint Labs stands for the three most-important things in the industry:

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.