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Forensics DNA Evidence

Lab technician using a microscope.

Answering Questions with DNA Analysis

Forensic DNA analysis provides important answers, and our staff ensures that the evidence in the case has been collected properly. We understand the emotional basis of these types of situations, and we work with you closely to ensure your case remains confidential. From start to finish, we work with you to keep you in the loop and answer some of the most life-changing questions in your life.

Common Uses of Forensic DNA Evidence

Forensic DNA evidence has been used for:

  • Criminal cases where someone could be exonerated
  • Inheritance cases
  • Child custody cases where the paternity of the child is in question
  • Immigration cases

DNA Matching

DNA matching tests are helpful in criminal cases to ensure the correct person is prosecuted. Our DNA matching tests may be shared with the court or sent to the person who is looking into the case to ensure that they have the proper information.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Lawyers need help to ensure that the infidelity they are tracking is proven through accurate and reliable testing. When they work with ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, they can rest assured that all the tests have been performed under strict procedures, and they will have a certification from ARCPoint Labs that shows they have been given a test they may submit into evidence.

Deceased DNA Matching

Matching DNA to samples in a criminal case is crucial, and it’s our goal to ensure accurate litigation can ensue.

Semen Identification

When semen traces are left behind in criminal cases, we have the tools to make identifications that can help the case move forward.

Forensic DNA Solves Mysteries & Moves Business Forward

ARCpoint Labs professionally trained personnel use best practices to properly collect, transport, catalog, contain and analyze samples for testing. Those same best practices ensure proper documentation and reporting of the process every step of the way for accurate, verifiable, reliable results.

Our mobile resources allow us to be involved in every step of the process, from on-site collection through cataloging, analysis and final reporting. ARCpoint Labs forensic DNA testing ensures confidence in any business, administrative, or legal application, including law enforcement agencies, attorneys in all forms of litigation, private investigators and others working in the civil and criminal justice systems.

Female lab technician performing tests in lab.

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