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Court-Ordered Testing

Judicial (Court-Ordered) Testing

There are many situations in which the court may order for drug or alcohol testing to be performed, and the results help them to make important decisions that can have long-lasting effects on the donor. That’s why ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area goes above and beyond to provide the most accurate and reliable results in the industry. We’re here to help ensure proper litigation can ensue.

Court-Ordered Testing Uses

Our staff is able to provide the services you need including:

  • Pretrial programs
  • Custody testing
  • Environmental Tests
  • Monitoring
  • Unknown substances
  • Random tests

Drug Court

Courts that deal with drug cases rely on accurate drug testing and reporting methods. Results are used to determine compliance and enforcement and often determine if jail time will be designated.

Court-Mandated Testing & Monitoring

Court-mandate testing is required for a number of drug and alcohol problems that may occur in a family. The tests may be ordered and reviewed by a judge, and we will send results to the court quickly.

Child Testing & Passive Exposure

Court-ordered drug tests may be done to ensure that innocent children aren’t exposed to drug use. A child who may be exposed to a toxic substance can be accurately tested at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area.

Child Custody

Drug and alcohol tests for child custody are often done when the parents are struggling with nasty divorce proceedings. The case may hinge on the tests, and we will complete them in an accurate manner.

Environmental Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area will complete a test for residue indicative of environmental hazards.

EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing is used to ensure that someone who shouldn’t be drinking isn’t.

EtG Hair Tests

EtG hair tests are done at ARCPoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area to ensure that all tests are accurate as the hair follicle may be the finest point of data we have.

Choosing ARCpoint for a Court-Ordered Drug Test

Choose ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area to ensure you have been given every possible option for completing a proper testing program. Our staff has access to state-of-the-art equipment, and our results are kept secured and confidential. You can also enjoy:

  • Proper collection of every sample from every person who is a part of the testing program
  • Kind treatment of everyone involved in the case
  • Quick, reliable results

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