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Child Support Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing Can Help You Win Your Child Support Case

The process of proving or disproving the validity of claims for child support have become much easier to resolve over the years thanks to DNA testing. For alleged fathers, a positive test can obligate you to pay child support, and a negative test shows the child is not yours and frees you of responsibility.

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Save Yourself Time, Money and Worry by Making Sure Your Paternity Test Results Can Be Used in Court

Even if you or your partner have undergone testing and received a favorable result, the court will not accept it as evidence unless it meets their procedural requirements. This could not only cost time and money but could also impact the case as a whole.

Common issues in child support cases that rely on DNA evidence to make a determination include:

  • Mothers seeking child support from an alleged father;
  • State agencies wanting child support for youth on public assistance; and
  • Men denying paternity regardless of their relationship with the child in question’s mother.

DNA Testing Establishes Biological Relationships

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area can deliver accurate results to answer the questions of a child’s paternity. Our employees and technicians are also trained to make sure the requirements of the courts are met so the evidence can be used in any legal proceedings.

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Call ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area Before You Submit to an Informal Paternity DNA Test that Can’t Be Used to Help You

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