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Custody DNA Testing

DNA and Child Custody Cases

The goal of all child custody policies and laws, though they vary by state, is to resolve the issue in a way that is best for the children involved. That often includes making sure the children end up with responsible parents, defined by most states as having some combination of a biological relationship and a previous parenting role. In cases where biological parentage is in question, particularly in states where that carries more weight, a DNA test can determine the extent of the custody or visitation rights that are granted or denied.

Image of a hand holding test tube with dna symbol

DNA Doesn’t Lie

In situations where a mother is unsure of who her child’s father is or is claiming a man is not after a breakup, a DNA paternity test can be used to prove a man’s paternity. DNA doesn’t lie, so after the mother, child and potential father are tested, results will be accurate and reliable. If the mother is unavailable or unwilling to be tested, a test of the father and child alone can reveal the truth as well.

Correcting False Paternity

For most mothers, the health, happiness and successful development of children are of the highest priority. When a man is claiming to be the father of a child but may not be, and especially if the mother feels the man could have a negative impact on her child, a paternity test can reveal the truth about the situation and help guide the decisions that follow.

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