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Forensic DNA Evidence

What is Forensic DNA Testing?

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Solving Mysteries with DNA Analysis

If backed by the proper chain of custody, forensic DNA analysis, which uses the fact that all people have different patterns of DNA to prove biological relationships and solve crimes, can solve mysteries ranging from murders to questions of paternity and more.  

Common Uses of Forensic DNA Evidence

    • In immigration cases to help people enter the United States or another country legally. Example: when refugees and people from war-torn regions have no papers to identify themselves because documentation of identity has been lost or destroyed.
    • Prove innocence or convict those suspected of crimes.
    • In inheritance cases to help a person successfully claim from a relative who has died.
    • In child custody and child support cases to determine parental rights and responsibilities.

DNA Matching

This can match the DNA of people or a suspect or missing person to that of a person they suspect to be the missing individual.

Infidelity DNA Testing

This can prove or disprove suspicions of unfaithful partners and help in divorce court.

Deceased DNA Matching

Deceased DNA matching can answer questions about identity and relationships even when the subject has passed away.

Semen Identification

Semen and other bodily fluids can be used to determine identity of people who have come in contact with clothing or an object.

Accurate, Verifiable Results Solve Mysteries and Support Claims

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area employs professionally-trained personnel who use best practices to properly collect, transport, catalog, contain and analyze samples for testing. They also ensure proper documentation and reporting of the process every step of the way for accurate, verifiable, reliable results.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area forensic DNA testing ensures confidence in any business, administrative, or legal application including law enforcement agencies, attorneys in all forms of litigation, private investigators and others working in the civil and criminal justice systems. Our mobile resources allow us to be involved in every step of the process from on-site collection and cataloging to analysis and final reporting.

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