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Relationship DNA Testing

Relationship DNA testing has greatly improved the ease of making decisions in certain types of court cases, particularly in family court. While potential parents and children can be tested directly, if the parents are unavailable, testing their relatives is another way to prove maternity or paternity.

Paternity Testing

This court-admissible test can prove or disprove allegations that a man is a child’s biological father.

Grandparent DNA Testing

If a parent is unavailable, grandparents can be tested to prove paternity or maternity.

Court-Admissible vs. Non-Court Admissible

You may or may not need to the proof of biological relationships to stand in court. In case you do, we meet all criteria for the results to stand in the judicial system.

Siblingship Testing

Siblingship testing provides additional evidence of family relationships when an alleged father is unavailable for paternity testing.

Maternity Testing

Like paternity testing, maternity testing compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of his or her alleged mother.

Twin Testing

This test often resolves curiosity more than anything else as it reveals whether twins are identical or fraternal.

Avuncular DNA Test

Avuncular DNA testing measures the biological relationship with aunts or uncles to prove paternity when the alleged father is not available.

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