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Court-Admissible vs. Non-Court Admissible

Court Admissible vs. Non-Court Admissible DNA Testing

Court-admissible relationship test results can mean the difference between a long case and a quick resolution for certain legal situations including child support hearings, divorce proceedings, custody battles and more. For a relationship test to be admissible in court, tests and results must be handled according to certain (legal) procedures including a “chain of custody” which ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area adheres to.

Properly executed and documented “chain of custody” procedures is what makes the difference between DNA testing results courts will admit and those they will not. It involves the level of documentation throughout the process from collections and testing to results and transmission. A proper chain of custody ensures a high level of documentation and, by extension, accurate results.

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While it may be tempting to take a less expensive route to getting results of a DNA test, especially if you are only seeking to satisfy curiosity, it is important to consider that results from do-it-yourself tests and mail order testing will not hold up in court. In disputes of paternity, child support, inheritance, social security or veterans benefits, having court admissible results can make or break the final outcome of the case. Choosing a lab  provider that is properly trained and qualified to carry out the process properly like ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is the best way to make sure your test results will meet your current and future needs.

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area follows all procedural guidelines in DNA collection for relationship testing. We have staff members trained in accordance with the collection guidelines established by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for court admissible DNA testing and can provide you with the results you want and need when verifying a biological relationship.

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