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Breath Alcohol Testing

At ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, breath alcohol screening for individuals is available. A reliable breath alcohol test can prevent potential accidents and even tragedies in the case of suspected alcohol abuse.

The Breath Alcohol Test Process

When a person is being tested with ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area’s breath alcohol tests (BATs), which use Department of Transportation approved screening devices, they will blow into a disposable mouthpiece. Then, the device measures the blood alcohol levels contained in the exhaled breath sample.

For accurate results, contact ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area. Our professional collection procedure and thorough maintenance — including air blank and external calibration checks — have earned breath alcohol testing a reputation for reliability.

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Complications Caused by Alcohol Impairment

Even basic skills can be impaired when blood alcohol levels are elevated. Likewise, personal performance can also be affected by hangovers and alcohol dependence. Alcohol-impaired skills can result in:

  • Jeopardized efficiency and safety
  • Short attention spans and low productivity
  • Greater likelihood of mistakes, errors in judgement and accidents
  • Diminished work attendance, performance and quality
  • Interpersonal difficulties with co-workers
  • Psychological, social and medical impairment

Which Alcohol Testing Option is Right for You?

The wide variety of testing options for drug and alcohol abuse can be overwhelming. At ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area, we understand and can help simplify the process of choosing which to use by listening to your needs, discussing options with you and helping you select the testing method that most closely aligns with your needs. Time frames, collection methods and turnaround times are just some of the factors we consider. Whether you want to test for a wide range of drugs or need fast results, ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area has a solution for you.

Once you’ve learned about your options and selected a testing method, we conduct your testing professionally, promptly and discreetly.

Schedule a breath alcohol test at ARCpoint Lab of Tampa Metro Area.

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