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Drug Court

Drug Court Testing & Monitoring

ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area follows a special model created by drug courts to perform testing, and our staff strictly adheres to all court policies. We can perform any court-ordered drug testing and help you stay in compliance with all court orders including submitting to scheduled and random testing.

We can also perform any court-ordered testing for alcohol as well as DNA/paternity testing.

Situations That Prompt Court-Mandated Testing

Drug testing, alcohol testing and DNA testing are often requested by the courts to make judgments regarding cases involving:

  • DUI offenders
  • Divorce
  • Guardianship for adoption and foster care situations (screen the applicants)
  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Domestic violence

(Among many others situations involving important legal, social and family cases.)

As we run the initial court-ordered tests and provide monitoring as requested by the judge, ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area follows all steps. This ensures test results are court-admissible and can be relied upon to make proper judgments and decisions.

Gavel laying on table with a variety of different colored pills.
Lab technician using a microscope.

Common Court-Ordered Testing Types

  • Breathe – most accurate test to determine current alcohol impairment
  • Urine screening & saliva testing — provide a recent window into drug or alcohol use
  • EtG/EtS urine alcohol testing — can extend the window for determining whether a person has been drinking long after the alcohol itself has been metabolized
  • Hair drug testing — provides a longer, 90-day record of substance use
  • Fingernail — on the substance abuse testing spectrum, fingernail tests yield the longest term results.
  • DNA tests (a legal paternity test) — can determine maternity or paternity of any child in custody or family disputes
  • Environmental testing — identifies dangerous drug residue contamination that remains when methamphetamine or illegal drugs manufacturing takes place
  • Sweat patch — typically used when the court requires 24/7 monitoring

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area for court-ordered drug testing information.

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