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Fingernail & Toenail Testing

Fingernails and toenails are composed of a hard protein called keratin and are tested with the same process as hair. Each person’s nails grow out of a nail bed that is connected to the body’s blood flow and where drugs can be deposited and locked into the nail. If drugs are used and enter the bloodstream, the nail bed (and thus nail clippings) will carry traces of the abused substances.

Why choose nail testing over hair testing?

In a decision between fingernail and hair drug testing, think about these advantages to fingernail testing:

  • Substances consumed within the past six to eight months can be detected from the nail depending its length. This is a wider window than hair testing provides.
  • Although hair samples can be limited, such as if someone shaves their head, nail samples are typically available.
  • Cheating attempts, such as nail polish, cannot mask what lies within the nail beds and are unreliable.

Call ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area for reliable, accurate and confidential fingernail or toenail drug testing.

One clipping own fingernails.
Nail clippings with nail clippers.

How We Collect for Fingernail Testing

We collect specimens for fingernail or toenail drug testing by:

  • Shaving or clipping the nail for testing.
  • Thoroughly cleaning it with a chemical solution.
  • Testing it after it’s liquefied.

Fingernail/toenail testing is just one of ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area professional and accurate testing options, so we can help you make sure it is the right option for you.

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