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Diet & Exercise

Diet & Exercise DNA Testing with ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area

It’s becoming a more and more common story, the struggle for a healthier lifestyle or weight loss goals. With so much information out in the media and product lines, how can you know if what you’re trying is truly effective?  And if it is, it may not be the right option for your body. That’s why taking a look at your genes can be the answer to the “why isn’t it working?” question. ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area offers a revolutionary new service… diet  & exercise DNA testing for individuals and companies that want optimal health.

Diet & Exercise DNA Testing Benefits

Diet & exercise DNA testing from ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area is beneficial to a number of people such as:

● those struggling to lose weight

● those looking to live a healthier lifestyle

● dietary specialists

● those who have hit a weight loss plateau

● personal trainers or fitness coaches

Don’t go into your weight loss or wellness journey blind; our team can help you discover optimal diet and exercise plans based on your genetic makeup.

What is Diet & Exercise DNA testing?

If you’re finding that your body just doesn’t “want” to lose weight, the issue may be that you two just aren’t on the same page. Your genes may not like your diet and exercise choices. Your answers may lie in your DNA. The professionals at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area will collect a saliva sample and, using this, test a set number of genes for specific variants that may affect your diet and exercise efforts.

Studies have shown that tendencies of certain genes comprising our genetic makeup can play a major role in maintaining a healthy body and employing a successful wellness regimen. They can even tell you what foods to consider eating and avoiding. Treat your body the way your genetics ask you to. Learn more about diet & exercise DNA testing at ARCpoint Labs by receiving your FREE report on “7 Ways Your DNA Influences Your Ability to Lose Weight”.

Female holding bowl of vegetables.
Image of different food groups, breads, sugars, vegetables, fruits, and meats

What We Test

The  genes we test for, which may tell the body how to process or absorb carbohydrates, fats, micro-nutrients, proteins and more, include the following:

  • FTO: Your genotype can indicate whether or not you feel full after you eat a meal, thus revealing the cause behind your tendency to overeat.
  • ADIPOQ: This gene is associated with adiponectin, which in decreased levels, impairs fat processing and increases the risk of obesity.
  • MC4R: A variant can lead to insulin resistance as well as an increased BMI and waist circumference.
  • TMEM18: This gene’s variants are associated with increased risk of obesity in adults and extreme obesity in children.
  • IRS1: This specific gene has proven to be related to insulin sensitivity and how carbohydrates affect the body.

DNA testing can unlock far more than these few secrets, and they can give you a head start on your health and wellness goals. By understanding what role these genes play in you or your client’s body, it’s possible to incorporate a diet and exercise regimen that is tailor-made to work hand-in-hand with an individual’s DNA.

Want to understand how your body responds to the food you give it? Learn more about diet & exercise DNA testing and what it can do for you;  reach out to the professionals at ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area.

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