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Blood Tests/ Health Panels

Take Charge of Your Health with Blood Tests

Want to know if you are as healthy as you feel? Blood tests can reveal that, and they can also highlight hidden issues and let you address problems before they progress.

Cholesterol Panels

Cholesterol is a baseline for health information because it is a key to heart health. Learn your HDL, LDL and total cholesterol with our testing.

Kidney Function Testing

Evaluate if your kidneys are functioning at their full potential. This is key for people with certain ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Liver Function Testing

Liver function is a crucial role in waste disposal. Our clinical blood tests can determine if your liver is properly breaking down toxins to perform at its full potential.

Cancer Screening

Get early detection for certain forms of cancer with our blood and urine screenings. We can identify the presence of certain antibodies that correlate with cancer.

Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency

Lacking energy or mental clarity? A deficiency in vitamins or minerals like vitamin A, E, C, or D; iron or folic acid may be to blame.

Titers Testing

If you lost vaccination records or want to check immunity to key vaccine-preventable diseases, this is an option for you. Titers testing works for MMR, varicella, mono & hepatitis B.

Making Blood Tests Accessible & Affordable

Don’t believe the misconception that blood testing has to be ordered by a doctor. Simply come in to one of our locations or call us to schedule an appointment. Either show us a doctor’s lab orders or simply let us know which test(s) or panels/profiles you want us to run (self-directed lab work). You don’t need a prescription in order to find out if you’re healthy.

Image of blue gloved fingers holding test tube labeled blood alcohol test.

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