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Blood Type Testing

Did you know?

Blood is made up of the same components, but not everyone’s blood is the same. The presence or absence of antigens, substances that help the immune system fight off illness causing threats, determine a person’s blood type. Although all blood is made up of the same components, not everyone has the same blood type.

There are 8 Blood Types:

● Type A+

● Type A-

● Type B+

● Type B-

● Type AB+

● Type AB-

● Type O+ (the most common blood type)

● Type O- (sometimes referred to as the universal blood type)

Why Do I Need to Know My Blood Type?

Some say that knowing your blood type can help you adjust your diet for optimal health. On a larger scale, this knowledge could save your life if you were to need an emergency transfusion. Providing the information can help prevent you from receiving blood that your body could reject (because of non matching antigens) and attack the donor blood. It could also be used to save another’s life if you choose to donate blood. Whatever the end result, knowledge is power, and we would like to add to yours. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Tampa Metro Area to schedule a blood test.

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